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PostHeaderIcon Eat my Coat Eat

Narrated by Nina Christou

Hodja is invited to a wedding feast. He arrives there in his everyday clothes but finds out that the people do not show him the respect he deserves, tucking him in one remote corner of the table. He does not like this, gets off, rushes home and changes into his new fur coat. When he comes back to the wedding reception, people usher him into a prominent spot on the table and serve him generously.

Hodja quickly pushes one end of his coat into the soup saying "Eat my coat eat". Guests at the wedding table go quiet; thinking that Hodja has gone mad. One of them asks, " What on earth are you doing Hodja?"

Hodja answers " It looks as if you people respect my coat more than me, it is only natural that the coat should enjoy the feast first"

Hodja: "If you believe that a saucepan can give birth, then you should believe that it can die as well"


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