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Archive for March, 2014

PostHeaderIcon The Pied Piper of Hamelin


Quiz 1

Words in this Quiz:

colour, vain, save, shape, baby, dress, town, little, people, gold, chief, sack, meeting, big, problem, pest, old, rid, try, rat





Quiz 2

Words in this Quiz:

colourful, begin, water, carry, hat, corner, river, man, street, tune, through, pipe, clever, follow, feather, walk, clothes, music, run, hear





Quiz 3

Words in this Quiz:

solve, want, greedy, go back, teach, break, boy, collect, free, angry, drown, money, lesson, reward, pay, immediately, promise, children, shout, dare





Quiz 4

Words in this Quiz:

sound, forgiveness, happen, door, ashamed, city, outside, magical, cave, huge, girl, ungrateful, leg, listen, anything, disappear, close, behind, scared, fast, rock, beg, carefully, hurt





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