The Elves and the Shoemaker

Quiz 1

Words in this Quiz:

workroom, village, everybody, work, evening, make, money, shoes, snowy, never, carefully, pair, precious, elves, leather, cut up, shoemaker, hard, cold, particularly




Quiz 2

Words in this Quiz:

put, craft, surprise, next, ready, start, great, magic, enough, bed, worktable, together, sun, quickly, wife, window, design, shop, season, exquisitely, buy




Quiz 3

Words in this Quiz:

hide, wonder, well-known, dream, masterpieces, help, bought, tonight, customer, finely, announce, finest, awoke, midnight, found, tiny, became, fell asleep, town, early, workshop




Quiz 4

Words in this Quiz:

sale, happy, chuckle, several, dance, swiftly, tiptoe, shabbily, continue, daybreak, dress, clothes, dash off, leave, wearing, grateful, before, laugh, dress, clothing




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